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With regard to an email I sent just a moment ago:
1-would you agree with me that each one of RH or LH Main Gear Installation P/N:65-73761-108/107 include side strut Assy (upper and lower) as a sub assembly?
2-would you agree that the above mentioned Main Gear Installation's include antiskid wiring harness as a sub assembly?
3-Further to above questions, is it right to make purchase order for a main landing gear by just merely stating the Main Gear Installation part number(as mentioned above) or otherwise the wiring Installation parts and side struts P/N has to be further stated in addition to the main gear Installation P/N?
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We're stepping way out of my range of knowledge on some of these.

I have never done a gear change. Of the ones I've seen, I know the main strut axles don not have brakes or tires installed.
I don't know if the side braces are installed on the main strut assembly.
All wiring harness's should come with the new strut.

I would think a call or email to the gear overhaul facility would be a better way to find out this information.


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