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Just a quick little note that might save you some time.

To replace the brace strut or "over-center actuator" the maintenance manual states to install the spring stretching tool on step 2-B, 2-a. That's all fine and dandy, but it leaves you hanging as to "how" to use the tool and what its purpose is.

As for the purpose, with the springs stretched, tension is removed from the actuator piston so the top mount pin can be pushed out without much effort.

Now, a little tip about the tool itself..... The screws have OPPOSITE THREADING. Turning them the same direction will result in one spring stretching and the other compressing.

Once that fact is known, the amount of spring stretching is quite minimal for actuator tension relief.

Now.... of course..... we were "way" to smart to let such a thing as opposite threading catch us by surprise. NOT!! (You learn something every day in this business and no one is immune from getting whipped every once in a while.)

AMM 32-31-55-04
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