Window Defog (Some Measured Values)

7 years 10 months ago #146 by Mark
I had to shoot one...... so I shot them all.

Just a reference for troubleshooting. All readings from controller cannon plug.
Heater coil, pin "C" to ground.
Sensor, pins "E" and "F".

Front windshield heater coil: Approximately 47 ohms.
Front windshield sensor coil: Approximately 302 ohms.

DV Window: 29 ohms and 300 ohms

Side Window: 18 ohms and 300 ohms.

As a note, readings seemed to flip-flop for DV and Side when comparing left and right. Got 18 for DV and 30 for Side. Plugs were not swapped on the controllers.

MD-11 AMM 30-42-00

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