ATA 32-46, Brake Temperature

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As part of the ongoing troubleshooting of a brake temperature system with a long history of the right side brakes indicating 0's after landing, we tried to verify whether the problem was indication or actual brake actuation.

For brake temperature problems, you normally want to meet the aircraft right after landing to check things out while the brakes are hot. (We finally accomplished that and a forum entry has been made..... .)

Referencing the above link, we did verify that the problem was with the braking system and not the indication.

Previous to that though, I simulated brake temperature signals from the monitor unit to the EICAS system.

I used a flashlight battery pack that had an output of about 1.2VDC.

I fed this voltage into pins C10, C11, C12, C13, D9, D10, D11, and D12 of plug B at the monitor rack. The negative lead from the battery pack was connected to aircraft ground.

With a 1.2VDC input, each brake indicated 2 on the EICAS system.

767-300 SSM 32-46-01
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