Kicking My Own Ass

2 weeks 5 days ago #1519 by OG GarlicSalt
What happened to me the last two days is the most dreaded form of ass kicking, the self inflicted type.

What should have been a simple 30 minute fix ended up taking me about 6 hours due to small but critical error.

One of the girls reported to me that the 3 accent lights in the lav are not working. I go to check it out try getting them to turn on from a diffrent panel check the CB ect no luck. 3 lights out in the same area smells like a controller to me very common issue with our aircraft. 

I didn't have a meter with me so I go to the spare parts kit and pop a new bulb in doesn't light up. In my mind its exactly as i expected must be the controller. 

So I goto the very poor wiring diagram find that the controller is supposedly in the ceiling in the front of the aircraft (it wasnt) I spent about 4 hours to finally locate this controller it's in the mid cabin under some panels that will require roughly 8 hours to take down and put back up.  So at this point I called it a day.

Next day I decided since it will be such a pain to access the controller I will pull down the ceiling in the lav and do an inspection make sure everything is plugged in ect.

Now that I have my meter I decided that I would check while. I'm in here the plug for the light bulb, what did I find. 28v?!? I checked the other 2 plugs same. How could this be I tried the light agian no good. I got a dc power supply out and hit all 3 lights  no good. I went and got another light popped it in and it lit up.  Replaced the other two bulbs bang there was light. My first bulb was bad from stock, and since I was to lazy to get a meter in the beginning i ended up doing about 6 hours of work with the aircraft outside in 120+ heat where the packs cant keep up. 

Moral of the story dont be lazy dont trust parts from stock trust your meter cutting corners will cost you just like this.

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2 weeks 4 days ago #1520 by Mark
Replied by Mark on topic Kicking My Own Ass
Unfortunately, Gulfstream completion drawings leave much to be desired. They've standardized factory equipment and cockpit layouts, but cabin items (and placement) still vary widely from aircraft to aircraft.

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