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Falcon 50 Transponder Re-Strap

Just a quick link to another Collins TDR-94D "N" number re-strap. It was added to the tail end of the GIV forum post on the same subject.


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Another very weak video. Early on, a statement was made about tuning 108.10 for VOR. That is NOT correct. 108.00 for VOR - 108.10 for ILS.

All of displayed information is what we call "raw" data as apposed to computed. Raw data is straight from the navigation receiver to the indicators. Computed date is most often seen in the Flight Director presentation of VOR/ILS information. Air-Data, Radio Alt, pitch-roll, and accelerometer data play addition roles in the presentation of computed data to the flight crew.

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GII Compass


A couple of extra comments. First, the "x-o" slave indication. Two nulls is correct, if any more are encountered, it is almost certain one of the flux valve output wires is open. No "x-o" indication is usually lack of 26VAC excitation to the flux valve.
The 3 to 5 degree slave correction is correct. Slave in one direction only is usually a torque motor in the DG itself. No slave would most likely be the amp.
A compass card rocking back and forth is a totally screwed gyro that can't maintain any heading at all.

On older aircraft I try to avoid swapping of RMI's. I've found that old wiring tends to break easily. It seems that I always introduce problems by "digging" behind the instrument panel. If it has to be done, I'll give it my best shot.

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ATA 33-30, A300-600, Cargo/Courier Lights Power Input

1/3 of the cargo overhead lights out and courier lights inoperative when aircraft on ground power. All operated normal on full power. Schematic 33-34-05, Bus Bar in question 210XP. Backtracked to Contactor 22XX, schematic 24-51-06. Broken lug on "T1" which is the ground service input side of contactor. The other input is from a normal A/C bus. On full power, all phases present. On ground service, one phase missing.


A300-600 ATA 33-30 Cargo Lights

Schematic 33-34-05

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A300-600 Runway Turnoff Light

Not much troubleshooting is needed when there are burnt wires on the transformer assembly of the bad light.

The assembly "is" pookied in on the flange around the nut plates. To much sealant and it will ooze out around the edges. Plus it will make it hard on the next guy to replace it.

The "biggy" here is the pin-outs. It DOES make a difference if the pins are swapped. "A" is ground. It should be verified with a meter before install.

The white end of a red-white plastic pin tool to get pins out, red to install (they can also be pushed in by hand, just give them a tug to make sure).

b2ap3_thumbnail_turn_1.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_turn_2.jpg



A300-600, ATA 33-43, Runway Turnoff Light Assembly

Schematic Manual 33-43-01

Maintenance Manual 33-43-11-04

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MD-10 Defog Troubleshooting



Video covering troubleshooting of a window defog problem. Tools used were a VOM, Amp Clamp, and one brain. The weakest link was the brain. Window "DEICE" controllers were swapped early on instead of the defog controllers which added considerable time and questioning of thought processes. Isolation of sensors was not explained very well either. But...... window heat current and voltage in action might help others to understand the system.

MD-10 ATA 30-42 Window Defog Systems
AMM Reference 30-42-01-4
Schematic 30-42-01

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