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Virgin Galactic Crash
NTSB: Company should have prepared for human error
From The Associated Press By KEVIN FREKINGAssoc...
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Mark - Commented on CFM Delivers First Leap-1C to ... in EasyBlog
And for those who haven't heard of Comac....... Both Russia and China are ...
Mark - Commented on Maintenance Team Mixed Up BA J... in EasyBlog
Two mechanics....... Six aircraft???? How about two mechanics, two aircraft. If you stretch the sys...
Mark - Commented on Boeing To Cut 747-8 Production... in EasyBlog
Both the 747-8 and the A380 are suffering from a lack of orders. Long range two engine aircraft like...
Mark - Commented on Unable to load article details... in com_easyblog
Before I take any crap.... I'll say one thing. I "did" serve. So, pacifist bullshit just bounces off...
Mark - Commented on Airbus and China Strengthen Th... in EasyBlog
China conducts business by fostering deals in the best interests of both parties. The U.S. conducts ...

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