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Killing Machine
OPINION: Ageing US nuclear bombers not fit for a superpower
From FlightGlobal When you "understand"..... th...
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Mark - Commented on OPINION: Ageing US nuclear bom... in EasyBlog
Before I take any crap.... I'll say one thing. I "did" serve. So, pacifist bullshit just bounces off...
Mark - Commented on Airbus and China Strengthen Th... in EasyBlog
China conducts business by fostering deals in the best interests of both parties. The U.S. conducts ...
Mark - Commented on NBAA Issues 'Call to Action' A... in EasyBlog
It's a fact that EVERYTHING the government touches they screw up. Our Air Traffic Control System is ...
Mark - Commented on Boeing Will Pay High Price For... in EasyBlog
It really doesn't matter what industry we're talking about. Standard operating procedure for almost ...
Mark - Commented on Aurora Flies Unmanned Centaur ... in EasyBlog
In less than 30 years, remote controlled aircraft will be the norm. Commercial airlines will lead th...

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