Environmental Splices

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Environmental Splices should be used anytime a splice is needed outside the pressure vessel. This type of splice should also be used if there is any chance of liquid exposure.

The splice is composed of two parts, the inner barrel, and the outer sleeve. The barrel provides a solid wire to wire connection. The sleeve has sealant on both ends. When heated, the sealant flows around the wire and the sleeve body shrinks. The splice completely isolates external elements to greatly reduce the chance of failure over time. Environmental splices are manufactured by Raychem®, they require the correct crimper be used.

Quick Notes for Environmental Splices

  1. The AD-1377 crimper is used for barrel crimping. It places a double crimp on each side of the barrel.
  2. The crimp depth is important. The tool might need adjustment; the barrel as a tendency to bend along the length if the crimp is too tight.
  3. The placement of the color stripes on the barrel and sleeve are used for a reference only. It does not matter if they are matched.
  4. A good heat gun is needed. Having a curved tip adapter is also helpful. A considerable amount of heat is needed to allow for sealant flow. Portable heat guns normally do not have enough heat or flow. Butane torches will burn through the sleeve before sealant flow, they are not recommended.
  5. A good splice is characterized by two solid crimps on each wire and complete sleeve shrink with sealant flow on both sides.
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