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Server Changeover

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #606 by Mark
Server Changeover was created by Mark
Rotate.Aero has been hosted under a VPS or Virtual Private Server for several years now. As with the majority of hosting services, WHM (Web Host Manager) and cPanel are the backbone operating program of the hosting server.

The cPanel group has dramatically raised prices this year. The hosting companies are passing these increased costs on to their individual customers. Rotate.Aero's hosting costs were in excess of $200/month. That cost has now climbed over $300.

The site does not generate revenue and is free for anyone to use. In an effort to reduce costs, Rotate.Aero is being moved to another server and hosting provider. This move will be in works starting today at 4PM EST. Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly with downtime being no greater than approximately 2 hours.

With more contributing members, Rotate.Aero could be a valuable troubleshooting asset to all visitors. Please feel free to sign up and post anything that might be of some help to others in the future.
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