Topic-icon Leach Relay P/N BACR13CF2A

1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #565 by Mark D Francis
Leach relays are used extensively on all Boeing, Airbus, Douglas, and Gulfstream aircraft. They can be found in numerous other types of corporate aircraft.

They are extremely reliable as they can last numerous decades with thousands of cycles.

Years ago, I encountered a relay from a Gulfstream that was acting like the car blinkers of old. The coil would get hot and go open which caused the relay to relax. As soon as the coil cooled, it would energize again.

In my short few months on the 767 I have found "two" examples of the same fault.

Both have had the same part number BACR13CF2A.

In defense of Leach, both of the recently failed relays were quite old (as noted by the pitted "feel" of the case).

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