Terminal Strips and Relays

8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #36 by Mark
I recently started some work on a H125-700. It's an older aircraft, but still in good shape. I still get a goodly amount of work on analog aircraft, which I don't mind - one bit.

I am dealing with a capt's hand microphone problem. The print led me to look for some relays. I was quite surprised to open the right side wall behind the cockpit to find this...

How smart.... Locate all your relays and a majority of terminal strips in one central location. I don't recall anything like this on the -400 series or the -800 series. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong with that last statement.

The relays I was concerned with were the smaller black ones on the top row. It's interesting (and somewhat confusing) has to how the communication system audio input is accomplished on this aircraft.
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