ATA 33-10, GIV Pilot's Console Flood

9 years 1 month ago - 9 years 1 month ago #83 by Mark

$700 for a bulb that didn't fix the problem of no console light.

The inverter is located outboard of the Captain's left rudder peddle (right peddle for F/O's). And yes........ the seat has gota come out.
Two power pins on A and C, which read 28VDC.
D and E are for the control potentiometer. 48.1K ohms full CCW, 1.2 ohms full CW.
Pin F is ground.

Replacement inverter corrected problem.

GIV ATA 33-10-00
WDM 33-12-00
IPC 33-10-00 Figure 1
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