ATA 32-45, Anti-Skid System

6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #295 by Mark
MD-10-10 with the #2 brake locked out and the #2 wheel speed transducer disabled in the Anti-Skid section of CFDS.

Previous troubleshooting was limited and as par for FedEx...... a wheel speed transducer was changed which did not cure the problem.

A quick glance at current anti-skid faults, showed......

The Anti-Skid Control Unit is in the center electronics bay. A comparison of transducer and manifold valve resistances was needed to "at least" rule out a wiring fault.

A reading on the #2 transducer (pins 12 & 13 of plug "A") showed a resistance of 295 ohms. This matched several other transducers.

Just to note a typical manifold valve, several coils were also checked. All valve coils are on the bottom (or "B") plug.

All the valve coils checked, fell in around 215 ohms.

At this point...... I would think an Anti-Skid Controller would need to be tried next.

MD-10-10 ASM 32-45-0
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