Trick to Get Fuel In Tail Tank

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There is a quick and easy way to put fuel in the tail to check pumps or isolation valve operations.

  1. You must have 6600 lbs of fuel in the "donor" tanks.
  2. On panel 110VU (Outside Fueling Panel) set the power supply to normal.
  3. Place Mode Selector to Defuel.
  4. Turn the Transfer Valve Switch on (you should get light).
  5. Center and Trim Tanks open.
  6. All other tanks shut.
  7. In cockpit pull Transfer Valve C/B,132VU, P55.
  8. On panel 110VU place Mode Selector switch to Refuel position.
  9. In cockpit, turn donor tanks pumps on.

You should start to see the tail tank take fuel when the center tank is around 1500 lbs.

Print yourself a copy:

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