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We recently had an issue where the FCC's and FAC's were swapped for troubleshooting a stabilizer trim problem on a A300-600.
The mechanic that did the work DID NOT include any AMM references for component testing. The mechanic DID NOT reference any downgrades to the Auto-Land or RVSM status. (He actually made a log entry stating the above.)

Basically, this gentleman left his ass hanging out. Unfortunately, he left the mechanic responsible for dispatching the aircraft hanging also.

Any time that flight control computers are un-assed from the rack...... some sort of documentation needs to be done. If functional checks are not accomplished, system downgrades will be mandatory.

As soon as the first FCC came out of the rack, both the Auto-Land and RVSM statuses became void. If the aircraft was dispatched in this condition, it would of been illegal to fly in RVSM airspace and the Auto-Land function could not of been relied upon for a safe landing. The outbound crew most likely would have done both (and their ass's would be libel also).

A follow up that included functional checks of ALL the related components and systems was accomplished before departure. All actions were recorded in the aircraft logs. These checks should of been accomplished after the previous troubleshooting was completed.

The mechanic involved was actually pissed. He had no clue about his mistake and thought we were out to burn him. We did the exact opposite. We covered the whole thing. He wasn't reprimanded and he still has a job.
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