The rules for this site and forum are quite simple;

1. DO NOT use the material presented for actual aircraft repair. A full disclaimer can be found here. This is a troubleshooting resource, it is not intended to replace approved manufacturer manuals. All entries will be reviewed. If a post crosses the line, it'll be identified to the author for changes or it'll have to be pulled.

2. The use of copyrighted or proprietary manufacture material CANNOT be posted on Rotate.Aero. Personal drawings, either computer derived or just drawn out on a piece of paper are always welcome. Photocopies or PDF’s of actual manuals/ drawings are not permitted.

3. Keep it civil. Mechanics, in general cuss. It comes with the business, but try to minimize it with your posts.

4. For database purposes, please use "underscore" and month year (Ex: fuelpump_717) as a suffix to photo file names. This hopefully will prevent duplicate photo file names from being placed in the system.

5. The forum editor is simple to use. Images can be inserted at the bottom of the text area. Videos can be placed in your comments with the use of the tools near the upper right.

6. Aircraft manufactures, types, and ATA's can be added by simply using the contact page. We will do our best to respond promptly.

7. As a good practice, manual references should be included (in red if possible) at the bottom of each forum subject for ease of use in locating the proper procedures for required repairs.


This site is for all to use and benefit from. Please enjoy and visit often.