Topic-icon Two "Fine" Examples of Aircraft Maintenance

2 weeks 16 hours ago - 2 weeks 3 hours ago #707 by Mark D Francis

You have an engine leaking hot bleed air and it cooks the insulation off of some wires.....

Do you wrap it up with orange F4 tape and walk away?

I guess at least one "excellent" mechanic did.

(The bleed leak was still present when we saw this. That orange tape was a crispy-critter before we cut it open.)


You have an engine with hydraulic fluid dripping from the forward drain mast. You look at the limits and find it's "way" to many drops per minute to dispatch. What should you do????

Would stuffing a piece of shop rag into the end of the drain be the right choice???

How about leaving shop rags in the pylon where the leak is???

Neither of these aircraft should of flown.

Did these stem from laziness or the fear of not moving the aircraft and pissing management off? I'm guessing the first.
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