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We took this thing to 4psi differential and "walked" the aircraft with three people. Some cargo door seals were puking a "little", but when a hand was drawn across the A/C hook up doors....... the problem was pretty much obvious before the aircraft was equalized and the access door opened. (and NO.... the mechanic did NOT want to even open a simple non-sealed door, because there really was a huge amount of air coming out the edges)
I'm glad the problem was found. I'm not glad it took 2+ months of flying around the system with 10+ write-ups....... pretty piss-poor.



MD10-10 ATA 21-31-00 Pressurization
Fault Isolation Manual 21-31-00 Task 803
ATA 21 Air Conditioning Tue, 04 Nov 2014 23:22:13 +0000
ATA 21-50, MD-10 Pack Outlet Temp Sensor - by: Mark
Compared pins "e" and "f" (both little) at pack temp controllers. These connect to the outlet temp sensor. Found #3 open while #1 & #2 read approx 1.7k ohms. Shot the sensor directly to eliminate wiring.... it was open.

MD-10-10 ATA 23-50 Pack Temp
Schematic 21-50-1
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