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I need to shoot the complete box (shit-loads of diodes). Still thinking issue is with one of GCU's. Busted my red pin pusher, as the easiest way to T/S would be to punch pins out off plug one at a time. "Then" isolate the faulty circuit if it is downstream from the box.

When I supposedly un-assed the GCU's..... I didn't. I disconnected them from the mounts, thinking they were rack mounts, but when I reinstalled them and safetied, I noticed there were cannon plugs on the back..... not rack plugs. So I never really removed them from the system. Too damn tired to go ripping back into the aircraft that day.

This issue is not a safety of flight problem, as all electrical functions operate normal; external power (when on), APU gen, all three engine gens.]]>
ATA 24 Electrical Power Fri, 16 Mar 2018 01:23:10 +0000
ATA 34-20, Falcon 50 Standby Horizon - by: Mark ATA 34 Navigation Fri, 13 Feb 2015 01:24:11 +0000 ATA 24-20, Falcon 50 Electrical Power - by: Mark

Swapped cards 14X1 and 14X2, no help.
Swapped cards 401J and 402J, no help.
Swapped relays 4X1 and 4X2, again..... no help.

(Jumpseat removed to gain access to right junction area.)

Dropped overhead and shot switch, both contacts good.

(3X1 shown, 3X2 just to the right, but out of picture)

Pulled card 14X2 and grounded pin 6, annunciator went out. This proved that power through diode and card 402J was good.

Also verified that 115VAC and 26VAC outputs were good (at least with meter).

Swapped inverters (that were NOT in nose and NOT under rear cockpit floor, but behind the galley, major pain in the ass to find).
The problem followed.

Even though the #2 A/C bus was powered, the indicator showing 115VAC, and my meter also showing good voltage...... the inverter output did not satisfy card 14X2 as being good. Possibly an o-scope might of shown a signal problem, but this problem was quite perplexing because everything was showing to be good.

Falcon 50, ATA 24-20
Wiring Manual 24-20-00
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