Comments for Article : EasyBlog : Passengers Demanding On-Ground Wi-Fi Experience In The Air http://rotate.aero Mon, 26 Jun 2017 03:31:39 +0000 MYOB en-gb Comment - about 2 weeks ago He added that passengers are also unlikely to be willing to pay much longer for inflight connectivity and instead will expect it to be available for no additional fees. Passengers are “not going to be willing to pay for it,” he said. “The days of on an airline charging $30 for connectivity when the passenger already paid hundreds for a ticket is just not sustainable. JetBlue’s service is free and full to everybody and lots of airlines are talking about doing that.”

If there's money to be extracted from the masses...... they'll grab every last cent until they are absolutely forced not to.

I wish them the best going forward as far as speeding things up, but sometimes it's sweet just to put everything down and "chill" for a while. Flying is a great opportunity to do just that!!

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